Satsanga's Sagitta Nadi





Sagitta ( pronounced "Saiita" is a star and means Cupid's arrow) was my first self-bred bitch and enjoyed motherhood, mushing and every now and again the show-ring. She was perfectly balanced and produced beautiful offspring in her two litters. She is the mother of Shadrin and Elf and Tuscany . She needed one major to finish her championship, had  12 Reserve Challenge Certificates and that in only 7 months of campaigning, during which quite a few of the RC's and one CC were achieved totally out of coat.

After a routine spay, our Cupid’s Arrow never recovered. An underlying lung carcinoma took all spark and quality of life within 3 weeks. Although only one point short of her championship title, in our hearts she’s the best of them all. We still had so many plans and wanted to run so many trails.

 Godspeed Sagitta, we miss you dearly. Wear your silver harness with pride.