Satsanga's Silver Elf




A bubbly, curious girl, beautiful head type and eye-set. Elf took quite some time to mature and was only starting to be campaigned by my husband late last year. She loved agility and forever climbed any walls, A-Frame doggy houses or anything else with height.


Her inquisitiveness became her downfall when tragedy struck on April 13, 2002. Living on a plot, surrounded by a community of horse-enthusiasts, we get our fair share of wildlife, especially snakes. Although our Siberians are excellent hunters and we never had a serious incident in 9 years, this time the scenario was different. When neighbours mow their long grass and their horses' hooves vibrate over their properties, snakes sometimes sneak through the weld-mesh and palisade fencing onto our property. In general our Siberians hunt them efficiently. On this occasion, the snake made plans to hibernate on our plot and dug herself into a burrow in the ground. Elfi, the huntress deluxe, dug the snake out and grabbed her on her tail. This was fatal. The Rinkhals Cobra managed to bite her on her foot with a lethal dose. We were only out for about 2 hours, which was enough to lose Elf.

When we came home and went to say hi to the dogs, Elf lay motionless on her side in her favorite place while the others chased guinea-fowls along the palisade and I knew, something was terribly wrong. I called Stephan and we found the Rinkhals snake bitten in two. She was Stephans' girl and it was terribly hard to say goodbye to our beloved Elfin. Elf's tribute: she had the last word over the snake also and prevented the other dogs and of course the puppies (which were only 50 meters away in their puppy run) to get hurt.



Was it co-incidence that exactly two days later Stephan's Maui was found and came back into our lives?